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Do you have stomach pains, a fussy infant or child, or a bloated stomach? Are you embarrassed about these symptoms?
Poop is important. A little gross, but important. We are here to help with pooping!

Reduce Nerve Disturbance
Patients with constipation may have stress and tension on their nerves supplying the digestive tract. Chiropractic care does not treat constipation, however, it helps to reduce nerve disturbance and restore normal function. Some of the nerves that regulate, control, and supply the digestive system start at the brainstem, travel down the spinal cord, and exit out between two vertebrae mostly in the low back and pelvis. When these are our of alignment, the stress and tension may compromise the function of the nerve signals to and from the digestive tract. This compromise can affect the digestive tract from functioning at its most optimal level.  At Family Roots Chiropractic we check to see if the bones in the low back and pelvis are properly aligned. If the vertebrae are misaligned causing nerve disturbance, we gently reduce it with chiropractic adjustments.  For infants or small children, an adjustment would be done with light touch of our fingertips or gentle tool.

If you or your child is suffering from constipation or any other digestive issue, please give us a call at 320-409-1330 or email us with any concerns or questions.

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