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New Patient Center

Welcome to Family Roots Chiropractic! We are excited you are considering a visit to our office.

Before you come in for your initial consultation and exam, we ask you to fully complete our new patient paperwork. We take your health seriously. The more we know, the more we can help you. Please take the time to fill our completely.

Your First Visit

On your first visit, you will be warmly greeted at the door. We will take your paperwork then give you a tour of our beautiful office. We will show you around so you know where things are and how you can utilize the space. You are always welcome to enjoy some hot tea or cold purified water.

Dr. Ashley will then review your paperwork before sitting down with you. After review, she will go over what health goals you have. She will assess you or your child’s health history. Second, Dr. Ashley will spend some time explaining what chiropractic is, and what our care in our office looks like.

The second component is the exam. Our exams are extensive and comprehensive. A cornerstone of Family Roots Chiropractic is our high-tech nerve scans. These scans are completely safe. We do them on all patients including infants and pregnant women with no harm at all. The computerized scans tell us if the body has stress and tension on the nervous system and if so where and how much. To learn more about the scan, click here. We then perform range of motion exams in addition to a posture analysis.

The goal of the first visit is to gather information and evaluate your spine and nervous system. With this data, the doctor will be better equipped to care for you as a valued patient.

After your first visit, the doctor will sit down to evaluate the patients’ health history, scans, and other information gathered. Dr. Ashley will then be able to make recommendations specific to each individual.  

Your Second Visit

On your second visit, you will be again be greeted and checked in for your appointment. You will then be taken to our consultation room where Dr. Ashley will go over the results of your consult and examination. This is a time where you are able to ask any questions or concerns you may have.

First Dr. Ashley will review the results of the scans performed on the first day. These scans are the most important part of your examination and a cornerstone of  your care.

After the scans are explained, we will go over your recommended care plan. Each individual will be recommended specific care. There are typically 2 phases of care which will be described in this review.

Once we have reviewed the scans and care plan we will talk over the financial investment of care. We will review all the options for our affordable cash family plans. The entire 2nd visit takes about 45 minutes. After the review of all scans, care plans, and financials, we can get your adjusted and schedule your next appointments.

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