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Meet Our Team

Dr. Ashley Rath - ChiropractorAshley           
Health at an Early Age
I consider myself a home grown farm girl. I am originally from Belgrade, MN where I grew up on an organic dairy farm. Yes, I know how to drive a tractor, milk cows, throw little square bales, and pick rocks. J Growing up on an organic dairy farm absolutely contributed to my health filled lifestyle. Not only did we get to eat fresh organic veggies out of the garden and be able to play outside for countless hours, my parents also brought us to a get chiropractic adjustments. As an infant, I was colicky. From infancy to now an adult, I have experienced the positive side effects and benefits of getting adjusted and living a vibrant life. I love what chiropractic has done for me and my family and cannot wait to share that with you!

Advanced Education
I completed my pre-chiropractic studies at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND before continuing on to Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU) in Bloomington, MN. I graduated from NWHSU with my Doctorate of Chiropractic and Bachelors of Science in Human Biology degrees. Because I have a strong passion in whole family health and wellness, I completed all of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) classes and am certified to perform the Webster Technique.

I am an active and proud member in the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), Willmar Chamber of Commerce, and Willmar PolkaDot Group

Outside the Office
As you get to know me, you will come to find that family is my number one priority! Spending time with my hubby, Ty and son Henry is my ultimate favorite. I love to do yoga, meditate, and dig in the garden (if the mosquitos aren’t horrible). We also love to go back to the farms we grew up on to help drive tractor, ride around in the Ranger, or just be outside. Another happy place of mine is being outside with a cup of coffee and a great book. Self –development, financial, business, and relationship books are my favorite. The lakes of Minnesota treat us awesome, as I love to go boating and fishing, especially on Upper Red Lake where we ‘slay’ the wall mounter walleyes.

I want to thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Our office is dedicated to serving you and your families.  If you are wondering, “Can chiropractic help me? Or my kiddo?” the answer is most likely a strong, “YES!” We are excited to answer any question you may have and help you to a healthier life! 


Dr. Kristen Lingl - ChiropractorAshley           
I am a central Minnesota girl, raised on a farm south of Freeport. I grew up playing outside, working hard on the farm and being surrounded by my loving family. I went to Albany High School where I was a theater kid, music lover and math nerd. I grew up being part of the Tel-Stars 4-H club where I learned about personal growth, community and serving others. As a child I dealt with frequent ear infections, fainting spells and seizures. After I found the right chiropractor willing to help me reach my health potential and focus on removing interference in my nervous system, I have been living a much more happy, healthy, beautiful life.

I attended the College of Saint Benedict where I received my BA in Biology while I worked as a chiropractic assistant for a clinic in St. Cloud. After St. Bens, I earned my Doctorate of Chiropractic at Northwestern Health Science University in Bloomington, MN. I have had the opportunity to intern at several pediatric clinics in the Twin Cities and St. Cloud areas, as well as receive special training in Pediatric and Activator techniques, including being certified in the Webster Technique. Since graduating from NWHSU, I have been working with another chiropractor in Alexandria, MN.

My husband, Andrew, and I live in Paynesville. We have two beautiful angel babies, Charlie Jo and Finnian Robert. We love to spend all our time together, whether with family, being outdoors, camping, fishing, playing volleyball, or participating in musicals and choir. We also enjoy being part of the Rockville Lions Club, where we can enjoy giving back to our community.

I am so excited to meet all of you who come to Family Roots Chiropractic. I have been determined from a young age to become a chiropractor and help others unlock their natural, God-given ability to heal and live vibrantly. I look forward to serving you and your family!


Lauren Tonn - Care AdvocateLauren           
Lauren grew up in central Minnesota and graduated from BBE in 2009. After high school Lauren found her passion working with people. Lauren worked as a PCA and CNA before beginning her job with Family Roots. Lauren has always had a love for working with others and found her calling when she met Dr. Ashley.

Lauren married her hubby in 2015 and they welcome their daughter Aubree in July of 2017. Aubree’s birth went wonderful, but the hard stuff came shortly after. Aubree had a severe tongue and lip tie along with torticollis and struggled with eating and growing. Lauren brought Aubree to Dr. Ashley in January of 2018 and immediately saw improvement in her health and personality. Lauren also noticed she had more energy to keep up with Aubree’s schedule and slept much better.

It was shortly after Lauren and Aubree began seeing Dr. Ashley that Lauren knew how incredible and important chiropractic was in having optimal health and wellness. Lauren committed to a care plan for them both and is blown away by the incredible result they have seen.

June of 2018 was a life changer for Lauren when she had her first day as a CA for Family Roots. Lauren can’t imagine being anywhere else and looks forward to each day she has at Family Roots. Her love of people makes her job something she looks forward to every day and she can’t imagine being a part of a better family. She’s here to stay!


Rebecca Mueller (Becky) - Care AdvocateLauren           
Hello! I am Rebecca Mueller (Becky) and I grew up near Belgrade, MN on a little hobby farm just outside of town. I have one older brother who enjoyed talking me into doing all the silly things, like holding the NON-broke horse so he can get a saddle on it and train it in the plowed field, or tell me he would go riding horses with me if I catch them and get them ready. He also taught me how to work hard and have fun while doing it. I still consider him one of my best friends! My mom was a nurse and my dad did road construction. My best memories with my family growing up were taking family vacations together and I love that we continue to do so! "Being a FAMILY is like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our root remains as one.” 

I married my lobster October 2008. Scott is a welder at Belgrade Steel Tanks. I will admit, he is my better half! With that I mean he grounds me. He is the responsible one! ha! We have 4 BEAUTIFUL children! Ava (14) Natalie (11) Jace (9) and Jens (2). Our family is just the right mix of CHAOS and LOVE. 

I graduated from BBE and continued my education at St. Cloud in Child and Adult Care and Education. I came back to Belgrade and opened "Aunt B's Daycare" where I filled my cup with children and love on and off for 10 years.

I was a stay at home momma for 4 years. (hardest but most rewarding job in the world, in my opinion) 

The biggest benefit, for me, of being a stay at home mom was being able to connect with my children. Our relationships really opened up. They knew I was always there for them at any time during the day because I was SERIOUSLY home 24/7 (growing and loving each and every grey hair that came through). This is where I began knowing my children's struggles and frustrations, their stress levels and all the negative challenges that we all struggle with on a day to day basis. I researched how to help them. I reached out to many people and groups. EVERYTHING led me back to Chiropractic. 

The 2nd week of summer vacation I brought all 4 of my children to see Dr. Ashley at Family Roots Chiropractic. IT WAS LIFE CHANGING. The environment was so calming and welcoming I knew we were at the right place. Every time I left there, I would tell my kids I NEED TO WORK AT THAT PLACE! I NEED TO BE THERE! I just KNEW! It was my jam!! How could I be 2 places at once?! I gave it all to God, and here I am. It’s true when they say, "pick a job you love and are passionate about because then it never feels like work."  

Here at Family Roots I am able to fill my cup DAILY and help fill everyone else's cup that walks through these doors. I get to interact with children, laugh with adults but most importantly be a part of the POSITIVE, happy moments of all our patients. I am SUCH a better version of me since I have been here. I thought I was pretty amazing before I started, but I continue to grow to be more amazing and share that with my family. I teach them to know they are fabulous and every day they will be even more spectacular. I am open to share it with anyone who crosses my path, daily. 

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