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Community Impact

Our mission is to provide education, information, and resources to raise healthy kids and create healthy families in our surrounding community! You can always find all of our UPDATED events on our Eventbrite page.

Upcoming Events

Dr. Ashley partners with the National Wellness Foundation. See below for hosted events.

Pressured Parenting – How to Conquer Family Stress
Feeling the pressure of raising a family in today’s world can feel overwhelming. If you and your family have been feeling run down, are experiencing many high & lows in your days or just can’t seem to all feel good at the same time

The Perfect Storm - Local Workshop on Sensory Processing Disorder & ADHD
Does your child struggle in loud, noisy places? Do they struggle trying to sit still, pay attention, and focus? No matter what diagnosis your child has been given, it’s likely they are suffering from an overly stressed and “noisy” brain and nervous system. Join us for this impactful and informative workshop where you’ll learn step-by-step what contributed to these challenges, and also find out about natural, drug-free solutions to help them “calm the storm” and quiet their “noisy” brains!

Delivered- A Workshop on Natural Pregnancy and Birth
If you are expecting a new little one or know someone who is you will not want to miss this workshop! This workshop will help those who are expecting come to a better understanding of how "common" choices in pregnancy and birth are leading to more interventions and the long term effects of those interventions on the health of our children. Not only will we reveal the truth of these interventions but we will discuss actions steps to help mothers-to-be and families achieve the natural birth and healthy happy baby they desire!

Ear Infections – Freedom from Chronic Ear Infections
Why do some kids ear infections and others don’t? Why tube surgery often leads to tonsil and adenoid problems. Join us at a life-changing health workshop that will help restore your sanity and confidence in your child’s health.

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